Monday, March 4, 2013


Dr. Tarique Niazi and Dr. Jeremy Hein have had a book chapter titled "Political Economy of the World-System" published in the "Handbook of Sociology and Human Rights," published by Paradigm Publishers, Boulder, Colo. The chapter makes an empirical evaluation of political economy of the world-system, which is one of sociology's major models — known by its acronym, PEWS. Based on empirical evidence from three prominent South- and East-Asian nations, the chapter argues that the core of the world-system overextracts natural resources from the periphery and externalizes environmental costs back again to the periphery. This relationship of domination of the periphery results in human rights violations in resource-rich regions. Niazi and Hein propose a social-ecological theory of human rights to explain market-driven contradictions between ecosystems and social systems, and elevate the need for a healthy and productive environment to a human right.

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